Pink berries
Материал: digital
Техника исполнения: vector
Год: 2018

This "Pink series" was inspired by pink color. If we look at whole history of art this color is more rare than others.

Probably because there was no available such dye or pink pigment not saved until our time, or may be human eye in ancient times couldn't perceive this delicate shade of red and purple.

I love pink color. Everybody loves pink color.

This magic color heal bad mood and makes us happier.

In this pictures variety of pinks shades. There are pinkish-beige and red-rosy, and intense warm purple colors: light colors of rose petals and vivid sunrise sky.

In this series of my digital paintings, I decided use to one color in each painting to show each color separately as a rainbow.

This work is vector graphics, so the image theoretically can be printed on any surface and in any size.

I like it because it makes possible to think about large projects and not limited by material.

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